Tutorial to Unlock Sprint Galaxy Note 3 For T-Mobile/AT&T/MVNO's

Tools required:
Hidden Menu Enabled(modified for galaxy note 3): http://goo.gl/y4k2EG

MI3 modem (modified to be flashed via odin): http://goo.gl/W0f3Za

Odin 3.07 or 3.09 (google for it theres a million mirrors of it)

Device must already be internationally unlocked via sprint for this to work (must perform uicc unlock from system updates menu) im working on a way to do this without sprint but for now this is how it is)

Region Lock Away: (Free on chainfires thread or consider buying market donate version) http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2470551

Device must be rooted: (rooting via this method will trip knox however the modem flash we have to do will likely trip it as well): http://download.chainfire.eu/362/CF-...pr-smn900p.zip

Any root browers from play store

ServiceMode Shortcut: Grab from play store

prl helper or anything with an apn shortcut: Grab from play store

Step 1: We need to root the device so put device in download mode holding vol down+home+power while it is off. Flash cf auto root to obtain root (this will void knox).

Step 2: Grab a root browser, ServiceMode Shortcut, PRL Helper, and Region Lock Away and install your att/tmobile sim.

Step 3: Place device back into download mode. PAY ATTENTION HERE: you need to add the mi3 modem to pda and uncheck auto reboot. LEAVE ON F. RESET TIME CHECKED. After flash has completed remove battery from your phone place it back into download mode and flash mi3 modem again this time leaving auto reboot checked. When your device boots up to to settings->general->about device and check your baseband version to make sure it ends in mi3. if it does not redo step 3.

Step 4: Run regionlock away (not required for this all to work just for good measure), And switch your device into gsm/umts only mode in your settings menu.

Step 5: Plug your device in and enable usb debugging. run hidden menu enabler. open TestMode Menu. Follow these steps perfectly.

1. click ue setting and info
2. click setting
3. click protocol
4. click as- go to security control and make sure fake security is on, ciphering is off, and integrity is on. after you have seet these hit menu back twice to get back to ue setting and protocol menu.
5. open nas-go to network control go to band selection and pick number 5 wcdma/gsm mode only. after hit menu back.
6. Click pref mode set and choose number 2 gsm wcdma only. menu back once
7.hit aquision order and choose umts_gsm. hit menu back until youre back at ue setting menu.
8. open gcf and click number 1 and make sure it is on. hit menu back to ue settings.
9.go to sim and then sim class control. make sure umts on and gsm on both show. if not click to enable. hit menu back once
10.hit bip block control. hit number 3 bip block off. once complete go to bip block status to verify it is in fact off.
11. go all the way back to main menu. hit protocol state, sim information, check nv, and make sure it shows sim lock is disable, spr bip unblocked, and sha256 on or off shouldnt matter. ( i have had mine off and on and it seems to work either way)(mine is currently on)
12. power cycle device.
13. when it comes on device SHOULD show service it still may not.
14. get into your root browser, go system, and open your build.prop with a text editor
15. add these lines to the very bottom to enable apn editing. (credit to ingenium13)

16. reboot device once more. now use prl helper or your apn shortcut and create a new apn for your carrier. delete all the sprint ones and make sure you highlight the circle next to your newly created apn. reboot once more.

17. device should come up with full service bars and data/mms active. (if you have an inactive sim card it does not always show service)(my inactive att card would show service my inactive tmobile would not)

18. Donations appreciated now you should be 100% unlocked. if you need to undo this for any reason see post 3 to get fully back on sprint.

19. Profit!